little Lamb private childcare

•   Operating hours 06h30 until 18h00 - Monday to Friday
•   Monthly Drop and Shop - 09h00 until 14h00 - Saturday (please refer to calendar)
•   We do not adhere to school terms but have short little Lamb breaks
•   *Stimulation
•   *Infant Massage
•   *BabyGym® - Brain Development (Friend of BabyGym®)
    * While the benefits of Stimulation, Infant Massage and BabyGym® are far too many to mention, each
      element promotes or contributes to the following:
🔾   Development of Fine and Gross motor skills
🔾   Aids with the sequential development and stimulation of the brain
🔾   Sensory stimulation. Proprioception (The ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding
           position, motion, and equilibrium.) and the Vestibular sense (Refers to the body's set of
           mechanisms that monitors and adjusts the body's sense of balance and orientation to the world.)
           These are often referred to as the two “hidden senses”.
🔾   Develop sensory awareness
🔾   Promotes movement
🔾   Develops co-ordination
🔾   Develops perceptual skills - This is vital for academic learning later in life
🔾   Beneficial to babies not reaching their milestones
🔾   Beneficial to premature babies
•   Tummy time
•   Bathing
•   Babysitting Services (Please note that this is an additional service and is therefore billed separately.
    Please refer to the Babysitting tab for more information.)